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Where does one start...?

Geoffrey Kwitko - Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where does one start...?

Where does one start anything new? Perhaps we should start where we already are! Where we are right now! For maybe that is the only moment in which we can really change anything.

We can't really it change the past, even though we sometimes think so much about it. We can go over and over, how bad or how or great it was, or what we should have done. But we can't really change the past, or relive the same joys, for we have inevitably moved on. We are no longer even the same person or in the identical situation. Plus in practice, only very occasionally do we actually learn something significant enough: something that would change how we actually act right now, in this very moment. Human history is a sad testament to that: mostly a catalogue of mistakes that people keep on repeating, just in a slightly differing ways. So if “the past” isn't the best guide to acting in the now, what is?

Could we use “the future” as our best guide to acting well in this moment? Should we project forward our past memories and experiences, then try to live by this guide, this anticipation? Unfortunately, this is like driving a car to a new destination by looking only out of the rear window.  So often however, we live like that. We think we are living “for the future”, but it’s just another variation of just living “in the past”. We are still living from the past!

Simply hoping that “it will all somehow work out” also seems very foolhardy! Using the above strategies of memory or modified projections are not much better. Yet that is how we mostly live! But what’s the alternative? Is there really a radical alternative? Just hoping for something, without actually changing how we act in the now, is now so obviously futile. We have shown this “current moment” is the only time that we can really change anything. Otherwise we will just keep on repeating our old mistakes and patterns – continuing our old habits. There is a drastic alternative, a revolutionary alternative... and this web site is dedicated to exploring and developing that potential...that of ACTING DIRECTLY out of Total Awareness, not out of thought based memory, by using and developing our capacity for Higher Consciousness. So instead of relying only on our biased memories, sensations, emotions and thought processes, we can override these, when appropriate.

We also all have as our human birthright, the innate ability to connect directly to a field of Universal Consciousness. This is the remarkable force and field that pervades the “empty” space between every atom and subatomic particle or our body and exists between our every thought. This infinite cosmic matrix is the invisible medium out of which all possible matter, intelligence and thought originates. Optimally accessing this ultimate intelligence, ultimate energy and ultimate potential plus appropriately utilizing this, is perhaps our ULTIMATE TEST as a human being.
We can use our individual human Higher Consciousness to connect to all human consciousness and the universal cosmic force-field. Expressing all this through our own unique human creativity, utilizing wisdom, compassion and unconditional love is perhaps the ULTIMATE LIFE.

ALL this might however sound like a fantasy, the ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE?  So how does one attempt all this?  How does one even start?

We will discuss this further in the next post....
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