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What is the Ultimate Test of our human ability? Could there really be such a Test indicating a life well spent? What would it measure? Or is this all just a fantasy, a fairytale, like a bed time story for children?

magine yourself as a child listening to a most wonderful fairytale. Enjoy the exprience & the journey...


Visit our theme gallery for a daily inspiration. Choose one theme to contemplate for the day. First practise using your deepest intuition by choosing one theme. Then contemplate this during the day for hidden insight.

How do you really see yourself? Use your deep intuition to choose a character (avatar) from the selection provided. Choose one individual character that best represents how you view yourself today. Then later during the day reflect on why you chose that particular avatar to represent yourself. Change your avatar as often as you wish to test whether your view of yourself changes. Record or chart your progress.

Try one of these different shaped avatar walls