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The ultimate human attributes

Geoffrey Kwitko - Saturday, September 12, 2009
What is the Ultimate Test? Would it be some kind of intelligence test? Is intelligence really the ultimate quality that humans can possess? Or is this “ultimate” attribute something more abstract and less tangible! Something we might intuitively recognize in a person as being truly remarkable but can’t quite define or name. What if we could actually measure or quantify this subtle yet profound characteristic?

Might humanity benefit by identifying truly remarkable people and utilizing their wisdom and judgement?
Today we more readily acknowledge individual feats of merit or achievement. We even have various awards for such perceived grand deeds. The Nobel Prize with all its various but limiting categories is an example of such recognition. But this acknowledgement comes retrospectively to a select few, usually many years after the achievement or discovery. It sometimes further isolates the recipient rather than re-engages them. Instead, what if we could predict such prodigious capacity, not only in a few select fields such as science or literature, but more widely in every beneficial human endeavor?

What if we could identify the underlying markers associated with such profound achievement or great wisdom? Some such persons might be in the most unexpected of situations, even as laborers or peasants working the fields. If we were then to champion, nurture and better utilize these remarkable people wouldn’t this be a precious resource for the betterment of our world? Such an evaluation or rating process might surely be termed the ultimate test?

Or is our ultimate test as a humanity how well we utilize our remarkable untapped potential for goodness and greatness? If this is a determinant of the survival of our planet, the time we have left is fast running out!

What might ultimate human attributes be?
How can we strive to achieve this?
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Flat shoes usually conjure up an image of a boring, highly unpretentious pair of footwear. There are many women who have sworn off flat footwear for ever, claiming that it is not stylish or sophisticated. This, however, is not true. Even though the image doesn't have any people in it, to me, the empty bench depicts a person that is alone and without friends. I think that you can build on the impression of emptiness instead of trying to [url=]formal dresses[/url] fill it up. I think the construction and scaffolding behind the bench portrays other people who have outcast the invisible person on the bench
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Take it from someone that has been there, I had a 10 lbs baby boy and no stretch marks. My doctor to ld me to drink a lot of water, and do not scratch my stomach. I was told to use palmers cocca tummy butter and rub on my tummy when I had the urge to scratch. Hope this helps!!!!
Bio oil use it religiously. I used it on and off but iv got stretch marks now but thats my own fault. I use it everyday now and they are fading a bit now. Im 35 weeks pregnant and look like iv AAStretch Mark Removal
been tackeled on revitol stretch mark cream
my sides by a tiger! Make sure you use it on the top of your legs too cause you dont want to end up with nasty marks like me i really regret not using it so much and not taking better care of my skin
bio oil is good i used it
Bio Oil is wonderful! But you have to use it religiously!
Clarins Tonic you can buy it on amazon..its about 50$ but worth every penny. All natural and smells kinda earthy but again worth it. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I was terrified I would be a stretch mark roadmap because I already Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast
have them on my hips and thighs from puberty and some of them never faded. Knock on wood not one new stretchy so far. I put it on in the morning after I shower and I don't itch at all my skin stays hydrated for the entire day.€?
I am 4 months pregnant and my tummy has started growing . It has become itchy and seems that I am going to have stretch marks .. How to stop or prevent the marks ? Any Idea??

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