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Well done.

There is only ever one question... however this might be the hardest question or challenge you have to face.

But the final reward is well worth the effort. Keep trying!

Take as long as you like to answer. There is no time limit.

Remove any distractions and quieten your mind... then quieten your mind even more...

... and contemplate the one and only grand question below:

Q: What role in your life brings you so much joy that you would want to actually spend a whole lifetime doing it.

Contemplate this... meditate on it... dream about it...

Take your time to decide your answer... and when you have any notion or insight into this, write it down and date it. Keep your record safe. Display your answer somewhere to remind yourself of your future grand prize on a regular basis. Update this each time you refine your answer.

Write down your answer now or read the tips below for additional help. If you would prefer to answer later, you can return to the home page.

Do you need help or a tip now?

TIP #1: In general, what brings people the most joy and lasting happiness involves giving, sharing, caring, compassion and loving.

TIP #2: Imagine a golden age where all your basic needs are easily met and where your time, money and the expectations of others are no limitation. What would you choose to do on an ongoing basis?

TIP #3: Imagine yourself as a child in a fairytale land. What ongoing role would you wish for yourself if there was no limitation as in this magical realm.